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See It And You Will Know It, drypoint, watercolour, 24x32in. potential edition of 20 on Stonehenge paper Moment, drypoint, silkscreen, chine colle, 11x17in. one of one on Stonehenge paper. Air Burst, drypoint, silkscreen, spraypaint, relief, chin colle, 12x18in. one of one on Stonehenge paper.
Psychotopographies etc.: Printmaking 2017Terrain Traps and Other Delightful Horrors: Printmaking 2016What You See Is What You Get: Printmaking 2015
Surface 2, drypoint and monprint, one of one, 12"x18", 2013, 150.00
Transmitted Drawings: Printmaking 2013/14Effigies: Drawings 2012-13Horizons: Paintings 2011-13
Man Eating Landscapes: Paintings 2011-12Water, Earth, Vapour: Paintings 2004-10Painting Selection: 1979-2013
Drawing Selection: 1980-2013Print Selection: 1978-2013Sketching Selection: 1982-2013
Life Drawing Selection: 1982-2017Painting for Animation Selection:1986-2016Visuals for use in Instruction